These were just a few of the cars that made it to the World Finals at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma California on November 10th 2007.

Click Here to view the full size You Tube video from Paul Peoples' Roadster during the fast heat on Friday afternoon.

Because of all the enjoyment that these cars have brought me, and all the new friends that I have made over the last couple of years, I thought that I could do a little something to help promote this fun and relatively inexpensive class of cars. I was hoping to put together a site where others could come to learn a little about them, and how much fun they are for everyone to drive.

I'm going to put a page together where we could post all the ideas and improvements that people have came up with and gotten approved through 600 racing. These ideas have made these cars just that much more user friendly. Others have been instrumental in making the engines last longer due to some overheating issues. As most drivers know, when making changes outside the rule book these changes have to be approved by 600 racing. Once they are approved a letter is issued and it is now an approved upgrade and can be used in competition. To this point there has been no single place that you could go to find what has and hasn't been approved. You may be going through the process of getting approval for something that someone else has already gotten approved, and it seems that this is only wasting your time and 600 racing's. If the ideas have been approved anyone can use them but without the written consent from 600 racing a tech inspector may deem it illegal and you may be disqualified. These improvements aren't going to be any speed secrets but are sometimes just simple improvements, but did not come standard on the car. The tech people have plenty to do to try and make this class as competitive and legal within the rules as they can without having to try and keep track of all the individual approval letters that you may have. In that I was hoping to make this as public as possible to make it easier on everyone. At least that is my thought!!!